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Our Family 

We are known for having delicious food and super friendly service.  We invite you to come by and say hi and experience aloha!

Jon, Toni, Luna and the Evolution Bakery & Cafe ohana. 
Johnny is the main cook in the kitchen.  
An Alaskan Commercial Fisherman for 15 years, now vegan, has found a much better way to feed the world and himself. 
He's always loved baking.  As a kid, it was the only way he was allowed to consume sweets in his house!  

Antoinette loves cozy, comfy spaces.  She hopes you'll enjoy the quirky books, puzzles and thought provoking cards on your table at the cafe.
A certified health coach, artist, nature lover and passionate vegan, she is the fuel behind 'Ai Pono, Evolution's evening style diner menu.   

"We've got to keep evolving and moving forward....little seeds get planted and hopefully grow into Koa trees. We need to be the change we want to see in the world". 
Luna is Antoinette & Johnny's 17 year young daughter.  
She has been homeschooled the last 5 years and can work every part of the cafe, including the front of the house, cooking and baking.  She's not learning the 
She enjoys 6 man canoe racing, going to the beach and adventuring.  
Luna learning to bake when we first started our business.